Air fresheners

We want to help you make the air in your work environment as fresh as possible, and provide a range of fragrances, from specifically feminine & masculine to a milder child friendly scent. There is the option of a 5 scent rotation, to help prevent fragrance fatigue, and keep your environment smelling as great on day 56 as it did on day 1.

Additionally, there is the o-zone based air cleaner, the Prozone Unit. This eliminates odours and neutralises airborne bacteria and viruses, giving you the peace of mind that the air is as clean and fresh as possible.

prozone unit

The air freshener units are serviced either every 28 or 56 days, according to factors such as the size of your environment and your personal time settings. Prozones are serviced every 3 months.

We provide all refills and recycle any used components, such as used batteries for you. So all you have to worry about is how great your workspace smells.