At each stage of your customer journey we want to ensure that we are doing everything possible to improve your workspace hygiene, for yourself, your staff and your customers. Here, we will show you the service you can expect, and who you will meet along the way.

Step 1. The first enquiry

Right from your first enquiry, whether it be over the phone or the web, you will be in contact with staff who can give you an idea of the service and products we provide and arrange for a regional sales representative to call in and meet you, to further discuss what we can do to improve your workspace.

Step 2. Meeting a sales representative

All of our sales representatives are able to advise you on the products that would best suit your washroom. They can advise you on everything from appropriate service frequencies, to which of our products might best suit your environment. Whether your business is large or small, we aim to ensure you have exactly what you need – no more, no less. Throughout your contract your sales rep will maintain a relationship with you, ensuring that you remain happy with your choices and the service we provide.

Step 3. Installation of products

The next stage will be for the kit to be installed. Everything is installed as soon as possible, or on a specified installation date if necessary. Whether you are happy to give instructions to be passed on to the engineer or you would prefer to be there in person to show them exactly where you would like the kit placed, we can adapt to your wishes. All products are installed to the highest standard, professionally and efficiently. Should there ever be any need for a check-up, all contracts include full maintenance, even for those products which don’t require a regular service.

Step 4. Maintenance

Throughout your time with us, a member of our service team will visit on a regular basis for the necessary kit, to ensure that it is clean and maintained properly. Most kit can be serviced on a 4 weekly basis, but we can visit more or less frequently in accordance with the needs of your business. Each of our service team understands the products and will ensure that they are in optimum working condition discreetly and with the minimum disruption to you.

Any questions or queries you may have can be passed through your service rep, go straight to your sales rep or we can answer your questions and connect you to the correct member of our team through our in-office Customer Service staff. Our aim is to provide you not only with the very best products, but with the highest level of service, to ensure that your workspace meets the high standards you, your staff and your customers deserve.