Is there a charge for installation?

No, installation costs are included within the rental price of the equipment.

What is included in the basic rental price?

The rental price includes all standard repair and maintenance costs, your agreed regular service visit and your Duty of Care – to ensure the environmentally friendly disposal of waste generated.

How soon can I expect my products to be delivered?

We try to deliver as soon as possible, and guarantee delivery within 14 days unless agreed otherwise. We can do our best to deliver on specified dates if needed and will install your kit with minimum fuss and disruption to you.

I only need a small amount of equipment – is this acceptable?

To Cathedral Hygiene, the size of your business is irrelevant. Whether you require kit for multiple washrooms or just one bin for a small bathroom, we will assess your needs and cater for them to the best of our ability.

How often will I receive a service visit?

Our serviced products generally require a visit every 4 weeks. However, we can visit more or less frequently depending on your individual needs, and can also offer different seasonal service frequencies where necessary, to cater for busier and quieter times in your business. Certain products will need a less frequent service depending on the size of your washrooms and the number of people using them. We strive to ensure you are getting exactly the service you need – no more and no less. All of the options can be discussed in more detail with your sales contact.

Who do we contact with any problems?

If you do happen to experience any problems or have any queries, you can contact our office who will assess the situation and decide on the right course of action. We will inform you on what we intend to do, whether it is asking your Sales contact to get in touch with you, sending your Service person to assess the situation or raising a job for one of our local Engineers to visit you. We want to solve any issues you might have as quickly as possible.